Meet Hospice RN Case Manager Amy Lents

Meet Paradigm RN Amy Lents

By connecting deeply with patients and their families, nurses have the possibility to affirm the patients’ strength and facilitate their courage to live a meaningful life and die a dignified death. Amy Lents has been in hospice care since October 2000. She...

The Arts and Alzheimer’s Care

What do you think of when you think of Alzheimer’s care? Do you think of a loved one who has the disease or a family caring for a loved one with memory loss? Five million people are currently living with Alzheimer’s. Did you know...

Central Indiana Art Therapy for Seniors

When Words Just Aren't Enough, Art Therapy Soothes

Did you know art therapy is uniquely beneficial to seniors? Creating art can be an enjoyable experience that focuses the participant away from daily concerns, such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and on the creative process...