Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are special and necessary members of our Hospice team. Volunteers can have such a positive impact on a patient and their family. Our volunteers work closely with our staff and patients to maintain and maximize the quality of life for the ones we serve. Previous medical experience is not required and training is available for all volunteer positions. Volunteers set their own levels of commitment based on their availability and the needs of our patients.

Our volunteer program is growing rapidly, and we are hoping to expand our services to accompany more and more needs everyday. Below are the two categories of our volunteers and some of their typical tasks.

Patient-Oriented Volunteers
You really underestimate the impact of just sitting and talking with someone, sharing stories, and enjoying the day. Patient-oriented volunteers can help with:


Office Volunteers
An office volunteer can provide a great support to our office staff. Typical tasks for an office volunteer include:


If you are interested in becoming a Paradigm Volunteer, please contact our main office at 317-735-6001.