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Palliative Care

A specialty of medicine focusing on the symptoms, pain, and stress of serious illness.

In simple terms, palliative medicine is specialized medical care provided in combination with curative treatment of serious illness. Palliative services are provided to patient in whatever setting they call home. Palliative medicine does not replace current clinical care. Rather, it is a medical specialty to address symptoms and care management.

Palliative Care is:

  • For anyone who is severely or chronically ill
  • A medical specialty
  • Not dependent on prognosis
  • Medicare Part B billing
    (E/M- Evaluation and Management)
  • Consultative
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Goals of care discussions
  • Pain and symptom management
Services Provided
+Skilled Nursing
Under Construction
+Nurse Practitioner
Under Construction.
+Medical Social Services
Under Construction.
Palliative Care: Frequently Asked Questions
+Why is Palliative Care a benefit to patients?
Palliative care is a benefit to patients who are seriously ill with multiple co-morbidities with uncontrolled symptoms. Because Palliative Care is a medical specialty, patients receive medical treatment for their pain and symptom management issues. Palliative Care is not dependent on set criteria or treatment options. Palliative Care also provides assistance with advanced care planning and goals of care discussions.  
+Where can a patient receive Palliative Care?
Palliative Care services are provided in whatever setting the patient calls home: private home, nursing home, assisted living, etc.
+How is Palliative Care paid for?
Palliative Care is billed under Medicare Part B, or through commercial insurance,as professional services (like a physician’s visit). There are no hidden fees and no co-pays are required by Paradigm Living Concepts Palliative Care.
+Does Palliative Care impact Medicare Part A?
No. Palliative care consultations and visits are billed to Medicare Part B, or per commercial payor guidelines. These services are deemed as professional services and are billed as other physician/practitioner consult services are billed.
+Does this impact Medicare 'Skilled Days' or Therapy?
No. Medicare Part B billing does not impact Medicare Part A billing. Palliative Care can help enhance the patient’s experience with therapy needs by providing symptom management oversight.
+Can a patient receive Home Health Care and Palliative Care at the same time?
Yes. Home Health Care is paid for under Medicare Part A and Palliative Care is covered under Part B. Paradigm Living Concepts Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners are able to work side by side with home care agencies to provide comprehensive and collaborative care.
+Does Palliative Care replace my primary care physician?
No. Palliative Care does not replace current medical care, rather, it is a specialty consultative medical practice that addresses symptoms and care management. Paradigm Living Concepts Nurse Practitioners maintain regular contact with a patient’s primary physician to provide collaborative and consistent care.


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