Central Indiana Art Therapy for Seniors

When Words Just Aren’t Enough, Art Therapy Soothes

Did you know art therapy is uniquely beneficial to seniors? Creating art can be an enjoyable experience that focuses the participant away from daily concerns, such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression, and on the creative process and self-expression. Some seniors, particularly those with cognitive, memory, and other impairments, may receive additional benefits such as emotional breakthroughs. Above all, senior art therapy is very personalized undertaking.

According to the Argentum, some of the many benefits of art therapy include:

  • Promoting self awareness
  • Relieving stress, anxiety and confusion through a sense of empowerment
  • Improving motor skills
  • Improving cognitive skills
  • Helping to cope with transitions
  • Facilitating communication

Important Factors for Senior Art Therapy:

  • A supportive, uncritical environment for the senior to create
  • Interpreting what the artist is trying to communicate
  • Understanding the right balance between structure and freedom
  • Honoring seniors for their creations

Great Techniques and Mediums for Senior Art Therapy:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Pens, markers
  • Gel pencils
  • Crayons
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Watercolor, tempera
  • Sculpture
  • Jewelry making
  • Weaving
  • Photography
  • Collage

Do you have a Central Indiana loved one that could benefit from compassionate in home care and art therapy? Contact the Paradigm Living Concepts team.

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