Meet Hospice RN Case Manager Amy Lents

Meet Paradigm RN Amy Lents

By connecting deeply with patients and their families, nurses have the possibility to affirm the patients’ strength and facilitate their courage to live a meaningful life and die a dignified death.

Amy Lents has been in hospice care since October 2000. She have been a field nurse RNCM and Patient Care Coordinator. Some in Central Indiana may know Lents and her compassionate care from the hospice care business she operated with her husband from 2005-2011 called Day By Day Hospice in Danville, Indiana.

Being with people who are dying is a profound experience. “When you’re with people who die … and being in their homes and seeing their families, it’s incredible the love that people evoke. And it makes me realize this is why we’re here; this is what we do; this is what we give to each other,” says Lents.

Over the years it’s been such a joy to have so many families share with us their heartfelt gratitude towards Amy over her compassionate care for their loved ones. In fact our very own Amy Lents is a previous recipient of the Indy Star’s Salute to Nurses | Nurse of the Year Award. To say she rocks her career as a nurse just isn’t enough. We’re pretty sure she was born to be an RN, and we’re so very glad to have her with us at Paradigm Living Concepts.

When asked her very favorite thing about her career with Paradigm, Amy noted working with her fellow compassionate caring Paradigm team members is the very best part of her job!

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